Mass production series – Shaker tags – Children – Lawn Fawn and Paper Smooches

Hi there,

Last friday was my son’s last day at nursery (time flies!!) so I created these little tags (with sweets attached to them) for his friends.

Here is the video showing you how I did it

and here is the final results


I entitled this serie Mass production because it is more than a few cards, in this case about 11 I believe. I will add more cards to that series, it will hopefully make it easier for you to find photos/videos on my blog and Youtube channel of projects with more than a fewย cards.

I’m glad I’ve found a few projects to use my Fuse Tool recently.

I also found that making Tag is a great opportunity for me to use my crop-a-dile. I used to have a much less efficient tool for holes and eyelet, so I can tell how good the crop-a-dile is! You also need good quality eyelets but I think that if you want to make a lot of tags (with metal eyelets) it’s a very good investment.


I also love that Craftmates storage i bought last year for my sequins. I don’t think they are easy to find on the market anymore (at least not in the UK) soย if you do find some buy one ! (or two!! or more!!! lol)


Thanks for popping by today, have a great week!!

Steph x



2 thoughts on “Mass production series – Shaker tags – Children – Lawn Fawn and Paper Smooches

  1. Ruth Andrews says:

    I’ve been mulling over the Crop a Dile, as I hear such great reviews of it, but I’m not sure whether I would use it as much. However, now that I have a Fuse tool and I see how easy it is to make shaker tags, maybe it would be a worthwhile investment….. Xx

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    • stephmadeitforyou says:

      Honestly I have not used mine much… I have tried to use it more recently but it is not “natural” for me to do so… For christmas I am more likely to use it for tags and as you said making shaker tag is pretty easy with fuse tool so more likely to use the crop a dile as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ not sure im helping you there really :-p xx


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