Day 23 of #thedailymarker30day

Hello there,

Here is my card for day 23 (already!!!)  and it turned out SOO much better than it started!! Haha!!

I used Jennifer Mcguire technique of faux letter press (or in that case faux die press) with a “stars wreath/circle frame”. I then placed a mask onto the stars and the outer portion of the card and stamped my The Greeting Farm Anya Lift stamp in the middle.

I started colouring the stamped image and then removed the masks – I found it easier that way, otherwise all these little spaces quickly become overwhelming and confusing.

I was going for a “rainbow colours” theme, I wanted to do a no-line colouring on the Stars but I will admit with the “ridges” of the faux die press the result was very UNneat so I decided to retrace the stars with a Copic Multiliner and then place some shading around the wreath/circle frame and I am so happy I did!


My idea with that card was to find another way to use that image so that it would not exactly look like previous cards I did with this image and removing a part of the image and add something around it I feel achieved that result.


I hope you will find it inspiring, thanks for popping by 😉



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