Lego Party – Papercraft and more

Hello There,

Today I want to share with you some Papercrafts and more!

My son was born on the 23rd december, it is always a very busy time of the year for most people and as it was his first year at school I wasn’t sure who his friends were so we did not have a party for his 5th birthday.

However time has past, he has been invited to a few birthday parties and that enabled me to see him interact with children (who are now his friends) and I decided to celebrate his Half Birthday! So I know it is a made up thing but as a mum I want my child to feel special and have a party for his birthday, I feel that it is something children should experience.

However I am on a budget, as a mum at home I do not have the finance to book a hall/entertainer, so as the good crafter (and organiser) that I am, I have been preparing for a few weeks and crafted as much as I could.

Let’s start with the invite, I do not have a photo, but I wrote a text in Word, inserted a few Lego images (I asked James to pick among two themes and he picked Lego Marvels) and printed in black on some different coloured piece of normal thickness paper. I made some matching envelopes which you may have seen a few weeks back on my IG feed.

Then the DECO! I picked 5 colours for my colour scheme to keep it consistent (blue, green, red, orange, yellow).

I created some “FLOWERS” out of tissue paper, the first one is full size, the second photo is as they are folded.


I also ordered some thicker cardstock (probably 160 but I am not sure) to create a LEGO BANNER as you can see below. I originally intended to attach the legos to each other with a paper clip but I didn’t have any so I used my sewing machine and sewn it all together its actually quite easy to sew through paper!!

I also did a sort of “curtain”  but I will share these photos once I have decorated the house.


THE GOODIES BAGS, I have used that same cardstock than previously and the technique Jennifer McGuire demonstrated a few months back on how to turn en envelope into a paper bag. I used a free online font website to write James’ names, copied the image into word and printed it on some Neenah. (Yes I know “Neenah? Are you joking?!” but that’s all I have lol)


I also made these Lego crayons out of wax Crayons (Disclaimer: pretty much all the ideas are from Pinterest), I basically melted the wax crayons in a square pan (for fried eggs) and then poured it into silicone Lego mould. FYI it is super hard to clean and I did not find it really fun…


For this next one I simply glued some magnet on the back of Lego (that was probably the evening I burnt myself with the glue gun pretty bad and our love story ended :-s)


The next thing got to be every mums dream, for all these mums who walked on Lego’s in the middle of the night (…), I did it for you, for me, for all of us I GLUED LEGO TOGETHER to make LEGO LETTER KEYRING! (To my husband’s horror) hihihi!

Honestly It was really challenging, I had to restart multiple times and I do not believe that the children will have gotten home before they fall apart but I am hoping that at least they will have a WOW factor (to at least to give me satisfaction it was not completely wasted time lol)


Back to the papercrafting, PROBS FOR PHOTOBOOTH. It took me a little while to find the right images, and in retrospect I wish I printed the faces bigger but I basically printed the lego faces on yellow cardstock, everything else on Neenah, coloured them with Copics and Laminated them. Then I used the #nowdreadedgluegun and glued straws at the back for the kids to hold them in front of their faces as James demonstrates below 😉 !


Papercraft-wise, I also created some food tag but did not get a change to take a photo yet.

Finally, completely unrelated to papercraft, I found on Pinterest this brilliant Lego sweets dispenser, so I created two (too large to show on one photo, the black one even has a slide!! :-D), some cutlery holders and napkins holder.

Finally, here are my first two attempts at a Rainbow Cake. They took me each almost 4 hours (not consecutive, and including baking time), but I am still not quite satisfied… I will share the final cake soon ;).

That’s it really, it is not really card related but I wanted to share as it has taken me a lot of time to put together.

If you have read this far THANK YOU! 😉

Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “Lego Party – Papercraft and more

  1. Ruth says:

    You are really astonishing! The amount of work put in and the ideas is unbelievable. It will be a FABULOUS day and I’m only sorry I haven’t been around to help you test out those cakes….. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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